"We can no longer deny that marketing is virtually indispensable to a business. Marketing is a broad field that is developing at a rapid pace. Working on marketing issues at a large multinational like Royal Reesink is very interesting. An internship at this company gives you the feeling that you have been part of the team for a very long time and that you belong to it, because you are responsible and can help decide on certain matters. Royal Reesink is a big player worldwide and it is instructive and challenging to do an internship in such a fast growing organization.

The employees of Royal Reesink are sociable, helpful and professional. This makes Royal Reesink the ideal internship to develop yourself. My tasks and duties are very diverse, from creating content to writing and presenting texts. During the assignments I get the freedom to work out my own ideas and give my opinion.

Besides collaborating, I always have enough time to work on my school assignments. My internship supervisor is always there for me. From instructive tips & tricks to extensive feedback. In this way, every little bit contributes to my development. I am proud to say that within 2 months I have already learned a lot!"

Eren Demirci
Commercial Economics student
University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen