"Three months before graduating from the HBO Creative Business course, I had no idea who Royal Reesink were or what they stood for. Six months later and I had developed an entirely new Company Brochure that showcases the strong brand identity of the organisation. The graduation project matched my plans and together  with Royal Reesink we discussed what the company needed and reviewed my ideas. In that way you really feel like you're doing it for a reason.

Within six months, I got to know Royal Reesink and its subsidiaries. I did some research and interviews and I was allowed to work in the Marketing & Communications department  to eventually develop and design a new company brochure. And with success, what’s nice  is that Royal Reesink uses it actively! The great thing about this graduation internship was that I was given the space to do my own research, but with good supervision in a friendly team. During my internship I had the feeling that I was really listened to and I felt part of the team

That the internship was successful is clear, as I am now back in the Marketing & Communications department! In addition to my current course in Communication Studies, I also support the department 8 hours a week. It’s ideal, great fun and is a great opportunity to combine my studies with work experience within a growing company. It is great to see your own work again and that it is really being used."


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