"The reason why I chose Thomas More in Belgium is that the offer of courses focuses on engineering and electronics with a smaller share of courses on management and business economics. This fits exactly with my view in which I believe that to be a good manager you first have to know the basics. You have to know what you are talking about. I didn't find that aspect sufficiently reflected at the college in Dronten, which is why I take the many kilometers to Belgium for granted.  

I already know the practice from my boyhood, when I work with my father at the neighbor's farm. The mechanization side attracts me the most, so Kamps de Wild is the right place for me. I work with the newest and most varied machines. My work and the brands are very all-round, but most of the time I work with CLAAS and Schmotzer. 
What I learn at school I put into practice here. I carry out tinkering, prepare machines for delivery and look for faults. The latter, diagnostics, is my absolute favorite. You have to see the whole machine in front of you, as it were, and run through it in your mind. It gives me a kick when you finally find the fault.

Independence is highly valued at Kamps de Wild. First try to solve the problem yourself, and if I still cannot find the solution, my internship supervisors or fellow mechanics are there to advise me. I like this freedom and responsibility because I like to solve problems myself.  In short, I can recommend Kamps de Wild as an internship. Besides the independence, the great brands and the great colleagues, the atmosphere is also very good."

Bryan Visser
Agro and Biotechnology specialization agricultural mechanization
Thomas More Belgium